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5 Gifts to give to your loved ones this Christmas (Under $100.00)

christmas giftsDecember 19, 2017

Christmas is just around the corner and you might still be thinking of a good gift to give to your loved ones. Whether it’s for exchanging gifts with friends and family or just a simple gift to someone you cherish and value. These 5 practical ideas will surely help you with deciding what to get. The best thing about this list is they are all affordable and under $100!!!

1.) Personalized item
You can’t go wrong with this idea! There’s a lot of things out there that you could personalize nowadays including ( mugs , keychains , shoes, shirt, snowbowl , and even utensils!! , etc.. ). This works for someone close to you ,someone whom you shared good memories with. With this item , you can choose a picture which you cherish the most and put it on something that can be used everyday. Make sure that something is useful to that someone. Like for example if the person you’ll be giving it to likes wine, then you might as well give them a customized/personalized wine opener with your picture together or their name on it. I’m pretty sure that someone will not forget you for many years to come!

2.) Cell phone portable charger (power bank)
Smartphones are very common nowadays and almost all people with different age groups use it already and with all the easily downloaded applications available to us in our app stores , our phones run out of battery so fast. This is one thing that would be very useful to anybody. Imagine your phone being half full at noon time ? You would almost freakout, right ? But with this thing handy, you’d be able to use your phone throughout the day.

3.) Shaker Bottle
Does your friend or love one go to the gym to exercise ? Or even run a mile in the morning before work? This shaker bottle comes in handy not only for working out but they could also bring this to work. Aso , this thing will encourage and remind them to be on top of their water intake everyday!

4.) Blender
A blender is not only a good idea to give as a gift but also it’s healthy! This will encourage them to blend healthy food and continue to venture out ways on how to eat and stay healthy! This is an affordable item and very easy to find.

5.) Polaroid Camera
This item is a cute one to give to friends and family. Pictures can be taken and printed out right away and on the spot! You can take as many pictures on Christmas day and on special occasions and freeze the precious memories with your loved one. You can easily buy this item on Amazon or on any other online store. Most importantly, the greatest gift you can give to someone is your time. Time is Gold and is the most wonderful gift we can give to someone.

J & E homecare would like to wish each and every one of you HAPPY holidays! May your holidays be well spent with your loved ones!

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