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Alzheimer’s Prevention: How Possible Can It Really Be?

Alzheimer’s Prevention: How Possible Can It Really Be?

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s contains both the bad news and good news. While it’s a progressive illness with no definite cure, its progression can be delayed and the patient can still continue to live a quality life.

According to Dr. Jonathan Graff-Radford of Mayo Clinic, preventing the fast-pace progression of Alzheimer’s is possible through healthy lifestyle. While more researches are still needed to support this particular study, the healthy lifestyle still is a good option for all types of people, regardless of their physical and health condition.

In the years of providing quality Home Care Services in Mesa, Arizona, we have also observed how the healthy sets of activities are beneficial for a person with Alzheimer’s. Hence, we impart with you these tips in enhancing the healthy lifestyle.

  • Quit that bad smoking habit

    The elements contained in each cigarette pack have harmful ingredients that destroy the brain’s protective membranes. As a result, a person’s mental capacity can dramatically increase, making it worse for them to have Alzheimer’s.

  • Monitor high blood pressure

    Someone with Alzheimer’s can be at high risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and bad cholesterol counting.

  • Ensure you’re eating healthy

    Healthy and balanced meals mainly composed of fruits and vegetables are right for the Alzheimer’s patient. These foods also provide proteins that contain omega 3 fatty acids, which nurture the health of your brain cells for better cognitive functioning.

  • Stay active physically and socially

    Physical activities help enhance your mental health by boosting up your mood while at the same time, allowing you to strike up good conversations with others. These are great avenues to work out your cognitive ability that help delay Alzheimer’s progression.

  • Engage in mental exercises

    So many activities can boost the brain’s capacity to function well. You can also exercise your mental skills by engaging in activities that help you analyze, reflect, and bring back memories. This could be achieved through brain-boosting activities, such as playing analytical games, solving puzzles, reading, and spending quality time with family members.

These cited activities can be possible when your loved one is not frequently left alone. If your family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is mostly staying alone at home, give them company with help from providers of Non-Medical Home Care in Arizona. These experienced care providers don’t just extend practical help, such as housekeeping and assistance on personal care, but they also provide quality companionship with clients.

The person with Alzheimer’s has unique needs that our team at J & E Home Care can help meet. However, it’s vital that these needs have to be assessed properly so that the patient can get assistance from the right care provider. Feel free to book an appointment with us so that we can discuss about your loved one’s health needs.

How does this post help you manage the care needs of someone with Alzheimer’s? Share your insights at the comments section, so we can learn from each other.

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