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Fruits and Vegetables: Your Partner in Reducing Stroke Risk

Fruits and Vegetables Your Partner in Reducing Stroke Risk

Stroke is one of the common ailments that oppress Americans today, particularly seniors. Aside from it being possibly inherited from your lineage, you can also acquire it from an unhealthy lifestyle. As your age increases, so will your risks to getting stroke. In fact, the CDC reports that older adults diagnosed with stroke in their senior stage have the potential to experience long-term disability.

This brings us to one very important question: How healthy is the lifestyle you’re living?

Living healthy requires more than just exercising and following your doctor’s medication instruction. It also involves stuffing your body with healthy and nutritious foods. Indeed, nutrition is a vital tool in increasing a person’s immune system as well as preserving them from further complications once an illness sets in.

Being a leading provider of Home Care Services in Mesa, Arizona, we know that a person’s nutritional need is a key factor towards their overall health no matter their age. But aging persons will have a more highlighted need for complete nutrition than any time in their lives.

Here’s one very important REMINDER: Serve fruits and vegetables to your senior loved one.

That’s right. We already know that balanced diet is important to achieve good nutrition. But these meals are really not balanced without fruits and vegetables. Health practitioners even recommend the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, as these are seen to lessen a person’s chance of getting stroke. In the event of stroke diagnosis, balanced meals can reduce the chances of stroke attack.

Why would fruits and vegetables contribute these preventive properties powerfully?

Fresh fruits and vegetables can supply the body of sufficient energy, vitamins, minerals, and even fiber. These are elements necessary for the building up of your immune system, strengthening up your overall wellness, and reducing your chances of having stroke by 32%. The natural supplements contained by fruits and vegetables help reduce a person’s blood pressure level while at the same time, improving their blood circulation.

Because of this dynamic benefit of fruits and vegetables, the American Stroke Association strongly advocates for the serving of these foods every time. In particular, patients are encouraged to go for whole grains or foods rich in fiber. When you’re in need of preparing these kinds of healthy meals for your family member, we have attendants providing Non-Medical Home Care in Arizona to help you.

Along with that, stroke patients are also encouraged to eat a serving of fruits and vegetables about 4-5 times in a day, including snacks. Give more priority to fresh fruits and vegetables, but definitely, you can also cook them, extract their juice, or freeze them. Regardless of how else you prefer fruits and vegetables to be prepared for you, their nutritional value still remains.

With our team’s assistance at J & E Home Care, you can receive assistance into preparing healthy meals all the time. The next time you feel those hunger pangs, make sure you’re feeding on fruits and vegetables.

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