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Senior Skin Care And Protection Tips

Senior Skin Care And Protection Tips

For every year we add to our lives, we also gain more wisdom and experiences that make us wiser and better versions of ourselves, not to mention, fine lines and wrinkles that certify us that we have indeed conquered different challenges along our way.

Growing old can mean many things. It can mean getting more entitled for more ice cream scoops or it can also mean getting more gray hairs. But whatever angle you take, we should always take good care of our bodies, especially our skin, so we can delay any signs of aging.

This 3-point skin care tip is a broad overview of the simple things that our Non-Medical Home Care in Arizona can advise families on how to prevent easy bruising and drying of their senior loved one’s skin.

  1. Use Moisturizing Lotions

    To topically help soften senior skin, using moisturizing lotions can greatly eliminate skin concerns like dryness and itchiness. Dry skin is more prone to cuts and bruises and in seniors, that is very dangerous because untreated open wounds can lead to infections and some seniors can not fight off viruses in their system that easily.

  2. Water Up

    Having dry skin means the skin is parched and needs rehydrated. Drinking good amounts of healthy liquids, including water, can help in keeping the skin healthy and well-hydrated. Drinking a lot of water also helps our digestion by breaking down food faster, with this, nutrients can be easily absorbed as well.

  3. Use Humidifiers

    Humidifiers are great for home use since they afford the following benefits:

    • It adds moisture to the atmosphere at home and dry air from colder seasons can cause skin discomforts in adults who already have dry skin. Using a humidifier helps soften their skin and keep it from drying further.
    • Through aromatherapy, inhaling essential oils can promote better breathing and it can even induce better sleep quality. Since seniors sleep lesser hours than children, aromatherapy can make those valuable hours count through more restful nights of sleep.

Our practice over the years has helped our Home Care Services in Mesa, Arizona improve how we can make the lives of families and their senior loved ones even more convenient and healthy.

Contact us at J & E Home Care to help give your senior loved one extra nourishing care for their skin and bodies.

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