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On the previous blog I’ve written, I have explained what Home Care is not and the common misconceptions of Home Care. Now, Let me explain to you what Home Care truly is.

Our population nowadays is aging and it’s aging fast. A lot of baby boomers around the nation that definitely needs our assistance. Each day, our local hospitals discharge hundreds of patients to their homes/facilities. The problem is they don’t have anybody looking out for their daily needs. Their family members are also busy with work, or maybe they’re just not there. Whatever reason it may be, the reality is, it’s hard to do your usual activities of daily living when you just got out of the hospital and trying to recover. This is where Home Care comes in. Clients are able to recover in the comfort of their own home with a help of a Caregiver. Caregivers can offer all-around non-medical care, companionship and give you emotional support when no one is around.

The most common non-medical services are:

  • Personal care – We assist you with grooming, dressing and undressing, shaving, brushing teeth and etc. These may sound easy as they are the things we usually do each day but when you have an illness or just got out from the hospital due to surgery, these things are going to be a challenge.

  • Companionship – Feeling depressed and lonely when you’re just by yourself is common among the elderly. Specially when their loved ones are far from them. This can cause depression, and alcoholism you can prevent this from availing our companionship services. Our staffs are well-rounded and knowledgeable in other areas other than caregiving.

  • Light housekeeping – You may feel tired at times and are still trying to recover from that recent hospitalization. As part of keeping a healthy lifestyle, being clutter free is important. You might need someone to take care of the dishes, laundry and tidying up the house. Make sure to contact us for our special discount rate and package that includes light housekeeping!

  • Meal preparation – Planning and cooking for meals can be tiresome for people who are still recovering. Having someone with you to do this is a huge help and can lighten up the load! We help clients plan meals according to their liking. J & E Home Care provides you with a staff that is well experienced and trained in food management!

Specialty care is also one of our strengths as our staff has experience and are trained in Dementia care. Here at J & E Home Care, LLC, we offer these services at a minimum of 2 hours and can go on as many hours as needed. We also provide live-in care & 24 hour care. These services can be given wherever you are, whether it be in your home or in a facility. Our staff can travel to you!

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