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decorsJanuary 3, 2018 | JR

Back then, when we were kids, i’m pretty sure most of us have tried having a new year’s resolution usually doing it on the first week of the beginning of the year ( January ) with the hopes of having a goal set for the rest of the year. Something we usually aim for that we think would be beneficial for us. However, little did we realize that as the days and weeks go by, slowly the goals that we have set for ourselves started to fade and even forgotten. We will then revert back to our old ways and habits. But why? I am going to breakdown and tell you my point of view with New Year Resolutions below.


First, let us find out what the different myths of a New Year Resolutions are. Based on research, the number one myth about it is that it doesn’t work, there is no sense in making them, you are just setting yourself up for failure if you have them , and I am not qualified enough to make them. All of these are just excuses of people not to make them. It doesn’t mean that if you haven’t been successful back then at making them happen, that you’re not going to succeed at it anymore. It is more likely that you just missed/lack a very important component of yourself on why you were not successful rather than blaming it on the whole idea that a resolution is a complete waste of time and not even attempt at making it at all. So if that’s the case , then what is the truth about it then? That question brings me to my next point below.


I am just going to give you one reason why a New Year’s Resolution should be set. It’s main absolute purpose is not to make you an instant success overnight, it’s not as if you make a resolution and then 100% you can expect yourself to succeed the next month, but rather to teach you the importance of goal setting and discipline. These two are very important components of success, however you want to define it. Rest assured, success does not happen overnight, as they all say. As an individual, we must have a sense of direction and the only way to achieve that is to set a goal for yourself. Now, it doesn’t guarantee instant success or even automatic success in the next 12 months but it gives us hope and something to look forward to. One tip I can give you is to start small. Break your goals down to little everyday tasks. It will help you build confidence in the things you do. Baby steps as they say. Then, gradually increase your goals to a little bit bigger scale until you gain confidence to shoot for bigger goals.


One reason why people don’t make resolutions is that they are scared to. Scared that maybe they could not follow through on it. It is human nature to be afraid of failure and I get it. The most important thing people can do is to harness the strength for us to overcome the fear of it. That’s just the first step. It is the first hurdle we have to overcome if we want to succeed on the goals that we set. Now, I’m going to give you the one most important component to success. Discipline. It is the basic foundation of success. Without it, it would be impossible to achieve our Goals. Setting up a New Year’s Resolution and having a goal is not difficult. Just remember three vital things, Have a goal, plan it and be disciplined enough to execute it. As a result, we would be able to form healthy habits that would lead us to success. I believe if we are determined enough to have these 3 things consistently , then we will have no problem achieving whatever resolutions we may have for the year. So I leave you with this question, how determined are you? The outcome of the resolutions you set for the next year lies within you.

Good luck in whatever resolutions you set for yourself in the upcoming year!

From J & E Home Care Team. We are an in-home service provider that assists individuals and families. We are dedicated to helping our clients lead a dignified, independent lifestyles in the comfort and safety of their own homes by carefully assessing and fully understanding their needs and selectively placing caring and trained personnel to meet these needs.

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