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The Right Way To Close The Year 2017

December 30, 2017 | JR

A new year is about to come and it’s just right around the corner. As the saying goes, Time flies. It really does. Most of us can still recall our previous New Year celebration like it was just yesterday. Often times I catch myself asking the question, is the year really about to end?. Whether we like it or not, time really does move fast. So , what do we do now? What do we do now that 2017 is about to end? I have listed these 3 R’s below as important points on how to end our Year right.


Most of us get really caught up and are easily being overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of life which are going on that we forget to stop for a moment and think and be thankful for the good and positive things that have happened in our lives including the things we already have. It is so much easier for us to just complain about things which we don’t have and wish we had rather than to be thankful of the things we already have. Like for example our health. There is a popular saying that says Health is wealth. It truly is! Family and friends are a treasure. We must make it a habit to reflect regularly,. This will save us a lot of trouble in the future. A good 30 minute reflection or an hour will do. Just as long as we make it a habit, it will hugely impact our lives. Research tells us that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit. So just be consistent. Consistency is key. Each of us is different and have different ways on how to deal with things and even on how to reflect with things. Whatever your style may be on how you reflect and the content of your reflection, just keep in mind that we must learn how to focus our energy on the positive things in life rather than the opposite. As they say, “ change your perspective, change your life”. There is nothing more uplifting than a grateful soul. Be grateful!


Whether it be work, personal matters , money, relationships, or your kids , there is that one thing that most of us spend the bulk of our time with and getting us pre-occupied. And as humans, if we work on something too much it will eventually exhaust us. This will result to frustrations , impaired decision making, short-tempered towards our loved ones or even in general, emotional instability and even it will go as far as you being depressed and forgetting to think of your own self. All these things result from being burnt out at something. Most of us have experienced this already due to the pressure of life and some other external factors, we just kept going and going and forgetting to stop. This is why we really need to stop and REFLECT, collect our thoughts and re-group. Specially that we’re about to wrap up Year 2017. I strongly suggest that we must take time off our busy lives to to do just this. We would be so much more productive if we stop for a second , sharpen our ax, and refresh our minds before going back to the grind all over again. It would enable us to relax our mind and be in a peaceful state. Based on research, Rest is a much needed routine that we need to incorporate in our lives. It refreshes ourselves and gives replenishes our energy. So to end this 2017 year , we need to rest because we have worked so much in the last 12 months, it is a much needed time for your body. It is a form of self-reward and also in preparation for the upcoming year 2018. So we would enter the new year with energy and excitement! So , this i say unto you, Don’t stress, just REST !


In life, we cannot avoid conflicts, it is a common denominator with everybody. Conflict is everywhere. No matter where you go and what place you belong to, there would always be conflict. But as we end this year, we want to end this year right! And one way to end it is to mend and resolve conflicts. Especially with family members. I understand that there are things that are beyond repair already and that it takes two to tango, but there are also things which are minor conflicts that can be resolve with a simple talk and compromise. Whether we like it or not, Family and relationship matters. Blood relative or not, anyone can be a Family to you. So I suggest we treasure and nurture existing positive relationships and mend minor conflict relationships. Set aside those little issues that won’t matter in the future. What’s important is we keep what’s worth keeping. Keep going and start anew. It is never too late.

Cheers to a New Year!

From J & E Home Care.

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